It may run like a deer but nothing works like a Beaver !
Not just a soap, but a hand cleaning system!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is "Busy Beaver Turbo Hand Cleaner" so gritty?
A: It has soft plastic scrubbers instead of ground lava rock (pumice) or ground walnut shells. These are easier on the skin and actually change shape to clean between fingerprints and small cracks. When washing, the scrubbers are massaging the skin which helps remove tough stains.

Q: Will "Busy Beaver Turbo Hand Cleaner" dry my skin?
A: No, it is non solvent and the two step system allows us to use the most expensive ingredients available. You are actually conditioning your hands with every wash.

Q: Will "Busy Beaver Turbo Hand Cleaner" remove smells?
A: Yes, our anti-odor agents and fragrance costs 5 times more than standard fragrances. This helps eliminate ardors rather than masking them.

Q: Does "Busy Beaver Turbo Hand Cleaner" contain preservatives?
A: Yes, we add domestic grade antibacterial and antifungal agents.

Q: Will "Busy Beaver Turbo Hand Cleaner" harm my pipes?
A: This is the best hand cleaner to use for your pipes. It cleans them each time you wash. You will see the difference in your sink.

Q: When I use "Busy Beaver Turbo Hand Cleaner" will half fall down the drain like when I'm using other products?
A: No, the two step system eliminates this problem. If any falls off you used more than needed.