It may run like a deer but nothing works like a Beaver !

About Us

David D. Beaver is the inventor of Busy Beaver Turbo Hand Cleaner.  Growing up on his Grandfather's and Father's farm in a small town in NY, he learned that working hard is what makes you successful.  The other thing David learned was that it is impossible to get the smell and grit of farm life off your hands and body.  David left the farm life for a few years and on his return he found that he could still not stand the smell on his hands.  After five years of testing, development and ingenuity David had the answer to his problem, BUSY BEAVER TURBO HAND CLEANER.  He developed a hand cleaner, that not only cleaned his hands better than any other soap on the market, but eliminated the smells that always have lingered on his hands.  Until now his product has only been available at the local market and has been very popular.  

When using this product keep in mind that a little goes a long way.  Start first by wetting your hands. Then add a small amount of the pink solution in the palm of your hand and lather, don't rinse.  Then add the same amount of the yellow solution in your palm and lather, rinse when clean.

David guarantees a 100% money back satisfaction policy, if you use this product and you are not happy with its performance, we will refund you the purchase price. All we ask is that you send us the empty containers of soap and we will send you your refund.

Not just a soap, but a hand cleaning system!