What are the Benefits?

The conditioning agents in the pink solution will keep your hands from drying and cracking. Also, the anti-odor agents, along with antibacterial and antifungal agents, will keep your hands super clean and smelling fresh. When washing the scrubbers are massaging the skin which helps to remove tough stains and smells.

16oz. Special


100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with this product we ask that you return the empty containers and we will refund 100% of your invoice

How do you use it?

Step 1: Wet Hands.​

Step 2: Add a small amount of pink solution and lather, don’t rinse.

Step 3: Then add the same amount of yellow solution and lather, rinse when clean.

Step 4: Repeat if needed.

Gallon Special


Not just a soap, but a hand cleaning system!

Wash Bay Set Up Special


Hand/Nail Brush


It may run like a deer but nothing works like a Beaver !

What is Busy Beaver Turbo Hand Cleaner?

This product is a two part hand cleaning system that works better than any other product on the market. The pink solution will keep your hands soft and crack free and the yellow solution, with it's soft scrubbers, will get the grim and dirt of your hands.​